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Tuxedo Garden is a nursery located in the small town of Everson, in the upper Northwest corner of Washington State. Tuxedo Garden was established in 1998 by Gary Pike, who named the nursery after the historical pioneer name of the local area.

Tuxedo Garden originated as a rhododendron and azalea garden, and today its specialization remains in the cultivation of nearly 200 varieties of rhododendrons and 50 varieties of azaleas. The nursery has since grown to offer literally thousands of other plant species selected to thrive in Pacific Northwest gardens.

Specialties now include numerous varieties of native and introduced trees, shrubs, grasses, climbing vines, water plants, lilies, irises and too many other beautiful and unique plants to list.

Because the nursery is located in the cold and windy climate of Northern Whatcom County, you can be sure that all of our plants are fully winter hardy and ready to thrive in your Pacific Northwest garden.

Visit Tuxedo Garden retail and wholesale nursery at 3247 South Pass Road, in Everson, Washington State 98247. Call the owner Gary Pike at 360-966-7829 with any questions.







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